Silver Package Benefits

So, our accounting experts at Cloud have covered the wonderful benefits you get signing up for our bronze package. Why, we’ve even discussed the perks of our incubator package for those a little more hesitant to join in the fun. But you, you’re different, right? You want to jump straight into the silver package, our most popular option. Ah, we must say, a very good choice!

What is the Silver Package?

A masterpiece of an offering. Okay, maybe we’re a little biased, but it really is a superb combination of data, expertise and support – all rolled up into a consistent, well-paced offering designed to provide steady growth, unlike the rapid space rocket that is our Gold package. That’s probably why it is most sought-after by our customers; it enables everyone to take a breath and dedicate ample time to Profit First – as well as other areas of their business. Don’t worry, our accredited experts will still help you achieve rapid results, just at a gentler pace.

What do you get as a Silver package subscriber?

Pretty much the full Cloud Profit First experience. Seriously, the full accounting essentials, the majority of the reporting and performance enhancing suite and the complete Profit First experience. Are you ready to hardwire consistent profitability and better financial performance into your business, setting up a more exciting future? Of course you are.

The Essentials

Let’s get to it. You’ll receive the full works when it comes to Cloud’s accounting essentials – all delivered by our highly-trained, qualified experts. We’ll ensure all year-end accounting is completed correctly and effectively, whilst ensuring that talented team of yours is paid on time, every time. We’ll also provide comprehensive reporting, bank reconciliation and accounting entries, ensuring thorough compliance every step of the way.

Our experts are on-hand to cover your tax planning and business/personal self-assessment returns, as well as create comprehensive divisional profit and loss reports, so you know exactly how your business is performing. Are your company’s assets tracked? Our qualified specialists will create a fixed asset register and book depreciation at month-end, giving you accurate data to make vital business decisions.

Reporting and Performance Enhancement

That’s just scratching the surface of the in-depth reporting you’ll receive as a Silver package member. You’ll receive a bespoke 90-minute consultation with one of our qualified experts to review seven key performance metrics and how your company is performing against them. We’ll then identify what needs improvement and provide invaluable advice about how to do this. The session isn’t just a one-off either. We’ll get together once a quarter for an accountability meeting to review your key metrics action plan, analysing the work done by both parties to ensure we’re all driving performance. We’re in this together.

Can’t wait for our next quarterly meeting? Don’t worry, you can stay on top of performance with our detailed reporting packs that encompass in-depth information covering key performance indicators and benchmarking data. You’ll get the benefit of full commentary from our highly-trained accountants throughout the duration of the report, explaining each section in an understandable way that provides a unique insight into your company’s performance. Plus, you’ll get to ask our specialists any questions over the course of a 30-minute monthly zoom call. Communication is key, so we’re always on hand to help.

It’s fair to say, with our accounting essentials and performance enhancement reporting, we’ve got you covered.

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Profit First

Here we go, la pièce de résistance. We love Profit First. If you’ve read the benefits of our Incubator and Bronze package blogs, you’ll already know how much we hold this game-changing methodology in such high regard. Therefore you’ll already know that you’ll receive the first five chapters of Mike Michalowicz’s fantastic Profit First book, through which you’ll understand why Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are negatively impacting your business, how Profit First works and the actions required to effectively execute Profit First day-in, day-out to achieve financial success. Plus, you’ll be aware how you’ll be a valued member of our Profit First community, learning from our accredited specialists on a bi-weekly Zoom, sharing best practice, key tips and essential activities to keep growing your business. Hold your horses, that’s not it though. No, there’s so much more.

Receive a one-to-one monthly coaching meeting dedicated solely to your business with one of our accredited Profit First experts, giving you the opportunity to get bespoke advice and apply it exclusively to the benefit of your company. This will be crucial in setting solid foundations for success, enabling you to build a brighter future for your business. What’s more, you’ll also get exclusive access to a wide-range of Profit First content, documents and templates designed solely for Gold and Silver members. Everything you need to succeed is at your fingertips.

As a Silver subscriber, you’ll also be taught to re-evaluate every aspect of your business model, including your Current Allocation Percentages (CAPS). We’ll tell you where your real revenue is being spent as we speak and help you determine where you want it to go once your company is running efficiently and profitably. This will be your Target Allocation Percentage (TAP). With our specialists giving you comprehensive guidance, sit back and learn how we anticipate expected improvements over the duration of eight quarters.

As well as the above we’ll also perform a deep-dive into your Xero system, conduct effective, Profit First-led cash transfers and stay on top of your financial performance, monitoring the impact of our Profit First activities to update your 12-month forecast on a monthly basis.

Everything is geared towards helping you transform your business into a consistent, high-performing profit-making machine. As a silver package member, you’ll be well-positioned to propel your business to the next level with Cloud! Interested in discussing how Cloud Accountant’s Profit First Silver package can revolutionise your company’s financial performance? Learn more here and contact our experts today on 0113 323 1960 for a confidential discussion about how we can help!