About Cloud Accountant

Here at Cloud Accountant.com, we’re passionate advocates for Profit First and are proud to be one of the few UK accountancy firms accredited to implement this performance-enhancing methodology. Since our foundation in 2013, we’ve developed a reputation as a trusted accounting partner for SME ‘s across the United Kingdom. During this time, we’ve built a high-quality team of accountants capable of providing our clients with a comprehensive range of services.

Cloud Accountant.com is led by an experienced management group of Chartered Accountants with a wealth of expertise working with entrepreneurs, investors and boards. Traditionally, accountants would advise their customers to focus on profitability, ahead of focusing on cash. Accountants tend to think focusing on cash is like driving a car whilst watching the petrol tank.  Of course, both profitability and cash are obviously important.  Yet entrepreneurs don’t think like that. They think in terms of money in the bank and Profit First works with this mindset rather than trying to change it.  Hand’s up all business owners who check their bank accounts weekly? How about daily or even five minutes ago? Sensible behaviour, particularly in the age of modern-day banking.

That’s why we firmly believe in the principles of Profit First and how they can help any company to navigate growth and turnaround situations. It all leads to high-quality decision-making, a key component in achieving business success and long-term wealth. Our qualified experts are on-hand at Cloud Accountant.com to help you successfully implement Profit First methodology, driving your business to the next level.

Our Values


Cloud Accountant.com’s qualified, professional accountants value collaborating with our clients and understand the need for clear, concise communication throughout our partnership.


Our experts are committed to the needs and values of our clients, educating and empowering them to be confident and successful in their use of Profit First methodology.


We believe in providing a friendly, helpful service with a duty of care to get the best results for our clients.


Consistency is key, therefore we strive to constantly perform to a high standard, giving our clients the reliability and reassurance they need to help them achieve their vision.


Our skill and expertise in Profit First ensures every task is carried out efficiently in order to deliver accurate end results for our clients.


Cloud Accountant.com’s team of qualified accountants adopt a flexible and adaptable approach to accountancy, enabling us to think clearly and stay calm, focused and happy.