Silver Package


Our Silver package is easily our most popular. Why? It’s awesome. The perfect blend of data, expertise and support, it encompasses a consistent, well-paced focus on growth unlike the rapid drive of the Gold package. The majority of our customer’s choose this package for exactly that reason, enabling them to adopt a Profit First approach as well as dedicating time to other areas of their business. You’ll still see results happen quickly, just at a more accommodating speed.


Our Silver package gives you the full accounting essentials, nearly the entire reporting and performance enhancement suite as well as the total Profit First experience. Increased profitability, improved financial performance and a better future awaits. Why wouldn’t you want it?

Accounting Essentials

Year-end tax accounting can be stressful. Trust us, we know. However, as chartered accountants we’re fully qualified to take all the stress from you, letting you manage your business and do what you do best. All UK limited companies are required to file corporation tax returns every year. We’ll ensure they’re filed properly and on-time to ensure you meet your legal obligations and avoid any costly financial penalties for late submission. Oh, did we mention we can also make sure your company tax returns make the most of any allowances to minimise your total corporation tax liability? That’s right, more money in the bank for you.

You’ve worked hard to attract some of the best talent on the market to work for your company. The last thing you want to do is rock the apple cart with late or incorrect salary payments.

Don’t worry, our highly-experienced experts will manage your payroll and can provide consultancy when it comes to questions on frequency, timing, tax and other common queries. We’ll also manage any VAT returns you have on a quarterly basis.

Every month you’ll receive a detailed reporting pack, delving deep into the fabric of your company’s finances and providing a comprehensive analysis of your current performance. Our in-depth PDF reports are a great way of tracking progress against your business objectives.

As a Silver package member, our qualified accountants can create divisional profit and loss reports so that you know exactly how each individual unit in your company is performing.’s specialists will carry out bank reconciliation every month for your business, ensuring you’re on top of your financial activities. We’ll ensure that the company’s financial records are tidy and up to date, agreeing to your company bank statements. 

Does your business make payments via a company credit card? Let us manage the posting of these transactions to a separate bank account specifically created for these payments. We can then reconcile these for the company.

We don’t expect our clients to be trained accountants or have a complete understanding of accounting. Especially when it comes to including accruals and prepayments into your accounting entries. Fear not, any confusion or worry you had about doing this disappears when you start working with our qualified experts. Our chartered accountants at Cloud ensure all of your company’s accounting entries include accruals and prepayments every month, delivering correct and compliant data.

It’s vital that all assets and their values are consistently tracked. Why? Well, for a number of reasons really. The precise reporting of the declaration of company assets and the prevention of theft are two that immediately come to mind. Our professional specialists will create a fixed asset register and book depreciation at the end of every month, delivering the precise data needed to ensure you’ve got the right information to make business-critical decisions.

Tax Services

You can rely on Cloud’s experts to conduct a thorough year-end review of your company accounts, providing consultative advice where necessary. We’ll also give guidance on tax planning and can combine your company and personal finances to maximum effect.

We’ll ensure your company year-end tax returns are submitted on time and correctly, avoiding any late filing penalties. As a Silver member, you’re also eligible for a personal self-assessment return completed by one of our experts once a year.

Don’t worry, our qualified professionals will manage your payroll and can be consulted when it comes to queries on frequency, timing, tax and anything else. We’ll also manage any VAT returns you have on a quarterly basis.

Reporting and Performance Enhancement

Analyse your performance and take it to the next level with a 90-minute consultation session with one of Cloud’s qualified specialists, reviewing seven key metrics that play an essential part in the success of your company’s financial performance. They include:

  • Revenue growth
  • Gross profit
  • Operating profit (EBITDA) %
  • Revenue per employee
  • Cash days
  • Core cash target
  • Business return

The seven key metrics action plan and accountability session takes place every quarter and assesses the actions you’ve taken to drive performance. Our experts will be on-hand to identify any strengths and weaknesses, providing advice on where improvements can be made accordingly.

Our in-depth reporting packs cover a comprehensive range of information including key performance indicators and benchmarking data. Our experts will provide full commentary throughout the duration of the report, explaining each area in easily understandable language to give you a unique insight into the performance of your business. Furthermore, you’ll be able to ask one of our specialists any questions you have over the course of a 30-minute monthly Zoom call.

Don’t worry, our qualified professionals will manage your payroll and can be consulted when it comes to queries on frequency, timing, tax and anything else. We’ll also manage any VAT returns you have on a quarterly basis.

Every single one of our packages is built on collaboration and trust. We’ll partner with you to create a budget that will work for your business, maximising financial performance and hardwiring profitability into the DNA of your company. If you’ve already created a budget prior to working with us, our experts can perform a deep-dive analysis of your budget, providing guidance and advice where required.

Profit First

You’ll receive a comprehensive introduction to the Profit First book via a PDF of the first five chapters covering this game-changing methodology. We know what you’re thinking. “Five chapters? What will that teach me?”. Well, quite a lot actually. You’ll learn why Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are killing your business, how Profit First works and the steps you need to implement it day-by-day, month-by-month and year-by-year. Welcome to Profit First and an entirely new way of thinking about your company’s finance.

Be a part of the Profit First community and learn from Cloud’s accredited experts twice a week via Zoom. Share ideas with other users, find out how they’ve applied Profit First methodology with successful results and how you can do the same with your business. Discover the latest techniques from our specialists, receive guidance and gain the confidence you need to apply Profit First to your company’s finances.

Don’t worry, our qualified professionals will manage your payroll and can be consulted when it comes to queries on frequency, timing, tax and anything else. We’ll also manage any VAT returns you have on a quarterly basis.

Sit down with one of our accredited Profit First experts for one-to-one coaching dedicated exclusively to you and your business. This takes place once a month via Zoom and provides you with the opportunity to receive bespoke advice for any queries you may have. Pick the brains of our experts and use it to the benefit of your company!

Initially, these will start as weekly meetings for the first four weeks in order to ensure we’re putting in place solid foundations for Profit First. They will then revert to monthly meetings for the next five months to build on these and take your business to the next level.

Access a wide-range of Profit First content, documents and templates built exclusively for Gold and Silver members. Whether you’re an SME, a start-up or an online e-commerce store, everything from training documents, useful Profit First templates, the latest blogs and interactive content is at your fingertips – whenever you want.

Our trained accountant’s will delve deep into your Xero system, assessing the data present, diagnosing any potential issues and providing guidance to rectify them where necessary. The accuracy of the information is essential in order to form the basis for data-led business decisions. Therefore we’ll also undertake the necessary work required to streamline and improve the system for the benefit of your business.

An essential part of Profit First is the shift in mindset to re-evaluate every aspect of your business model as well as your personal financial situation. Many business owners pay little attention to what is being bought day-to-day; that is where Current Allocation Percentages (CAPS) come in. We can tell you where your real revenue is being spent right now. As one of the more technical parts of the Profit First system, our experts will calculate this and demonstrate how they did it.

We know where your real revenue is being spent right now. What’s really important is where you want it to go. Target Allocation Percentages (TAPS) determine this once your company is running efficiently and profitably. They’re not a short-term thing; they can often take months or even a year, but you need to identify them to work towards hitting them. Don’t worry, Cloud’s specialists will create a roll-out plan showing expected improvements in Target Allocation Percentages over a duration of eight quarters.

Deploy some key Profit First methodology to ensure cash is moved to the right places at the right time. We’ll calculate the cash transfers required, advising the amounts to move and when.

We’ll stay on top of your financial performance, monitoring the impact of our Profit First activities to update your 12-month forecast on a monthly basis. 


Receive free access to Xero and Receipt Bank as well as guidance and advice from the Cloud Accountant team as and when needed.

Comprehensive Support

Our Silver package members are entitled to unlimited email support from our qualified Profit First specialists, receiving swift assistance within 48-72 hours.