Bronze Package


Our bronze package is great if you’re looking for a qualified partner who can give the guidance needed to take your company’s finances to the next level. We’re one of the only Profit First-accredited accounting firms in the United Kingdom and are proud to have helped a large number of our customers develop the profitability of their business. Now we want to help you.


Bronze membership is ideal for those who want to receive our comprehensive accounting services as well as receive a taster of the benefits Profit First can bring. You’ll unlock access to the accounting, commercial and Profit First expertise of our qualified professionals, gaining enough confidence to implement the methodology largely yourself, with us as your guide. 

Accounting Essentials

We recognise year-end tax accounting isn’t fun. It can be very stressful, especially for those unfamiliar with the process. Our team is on-hand to unburden this stress, leaving you to focus on driving your company’s performance. All UK limited companies are required to file Corporation Tax returns every year. We’ll ensure they’re filed properly and on-time to ensure you meet your legal obligations and avoid any costly financial penalties for late submission. Of course, we can also ensure your company tax returns take advantage of any allowances available to minimise your total Corporation Tax bill. More money saved!

As an entrepreneur who has worked hard to build a team of high quality talent in your company, the last thing you want to do is risk losing them with late or incorrect salary payments.

Don’t worry, our team will manage your payroll and can provide consultancy when it comes to questions on frequency, timing, tax and other common queries. We’ll also manage any VAT returns you have on a quarterly basis

Receive comprehensive reporting on the performance of your business via our Excel-based quarterly reporting pack, keeping you on top of everything happening with your finances.

Whether you’re running an SME, online store or drop shipping firm,’s qualified specialists will carry out bank reconciliation every month for your business, ensuring you’re up to date with your financial activities. We’ll make sure the check register, general ledger account and balance sheet are aligned with the figures shown on your company’s bank statement. It’s an important check to keep control over your assets.

Do you use a company credit card to make business payments? We can also manage the posting of these transactions to a separate bank account created solely for these payments. These can then be reconciled when you receive your credit card statement.

For those not trained in accounting, it can be particularly confusing when accommodating accruals and prepayments into your accounting entries. Relax, you don’t need this confusion in your life any longer. Cloud’s accountants can make all accounting entries for your company include accruals and prepayments at year-end, ensuring everything is correct and compliant.

As you know, it’s important to keep track of your assets and their value for many reasons, including the prevention of theft and the precise reporting of the declaration of company assets. We’ll create a fixed asset register at year end, reporting accurate information to ensure you’ve got the right data to make important business decisions.

Tax Services’s highly trained financial experts will manage a thorough year-end review of your company accounts, providing consultative advice where required. We’ll also guide you on tax planning and how we can combine your business and personal finances for maximum results.

Forget any late filing penalties, as our qualified accounting experts will ensure your company year-end tax returns are submitted on time and correctly. As a bronze member, you’ll qualify for a personal self-assessment return completed by one of our experts once a year.

Reporting and Performance Enhancement

Enhance your performance with a 90-minute consultation session with one of’s experts, reviewing seven key metrics that play a critical role in driving the financial performance of your company. These cover:

  • Revenue growth
  • Gross profit
  • Operating profit (EBITDA) %
  • Revenue per employee
  • Cash days
  • Core cash target
  • Business return

The accountability session is designed to assess the activities you’re undertaking to maximise each key performance indicator and to advise where improvements can be made. As a bronze member, you’ll receive this 90-minute action plan and accountability session every six months.

Profit First

We’ll give you a PDF of the first five chapters of the Profit First book and it’s game-changing methodology. You’re no doubt thinking, “Five chapters? What will that teach me?”. An awful lot. You’ll learn why Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are killing your business, how Profit First works and the steps you need to effectively execute it every day, month and year. Welcome to Profit First and the first step of an exciting journey.

Participate as a valued member of the Profit First community by learning from Cloud’s accredited specialists twice a week on Zoom. Share ideas with other members, uncover how they’ve applied Profit First methodology with successful results and what you can do to achieve similar results for your business. Find out the latest best practice from our experts, receive advice and gain the confidence you need to apply Profit First to your own company’s finances.

Don’t worry, our qualified professionals will manage your payroll and can be consulted when it comes to queries on frequency, timing, tax and anything else. We’ll also manage any VAT returns you have on a quarterly basis.


Access Xero and Receipt Bank as part of the package, as well as guidance from the team as and when needed.

Comprehensive Support

As a valued bronze member, you can receive unlimited email support from our experts at You’ll receive help, feedback and support within five working days.