Bronze Package

Let’s be honest, we all love a good deal. If someone tells you you’re on the standard package, but the premium is just a little more money, 90% of people are going to ask how much and what they get for it (not an official stat but we reckon that’s about right!). It’s all about value and what you get for your money. Something our experts care about when creating financial success for our customers. Yet, guess what? We’re not going to go straight in with the hard-pitch on our Profit First Gold package. It might not be what you want, or what your business needs. Instead, the bronze package may be perfectly suitable to drive your company forward. Profit First is an incredible tool to set your business up for financial growth and continued success, but every company has a unique set of needs. Let’s take a look at the benefits of our Profit First Bronze package.

What is the Bronze Package?

Simply put, Cloud’s bronze package is a superb option if you’re looking for an accredited Profit First partner to help your business grow – without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a start-up or an SME, it provides a comprehensive range of accounting services alongside a solid taste of the benefits of Profit First methodology. With our qualified, highly-trained experts on hand to give guidance and advice, you’ll quickly develop the confidence you need to implement Profit First efficiently and effectively.

What do you get as a Bronze package subscriber?

The Essentials

A service jam-packed with value added features! You’ll receive the full suite of accounting essentials from Cloud’s qualified experts, ensuring your company’s finances are running smoothly and effectively. From the stressful year-end accounting you annually dread to ensuring your talented team is paid on-time, our experts will take this on, letting you get on with what you do best – growing your business. Never miss a thing with our comprehensive reporting, bank reconciliation and accounting entries, ensuring your company’s accounts are correct and compliant at all times. Oh and don’t forget our extensive tax planning and business/personal self-assessment returns.

Profit First

Still with us? Yeah we know, they’re accounting essentials for a reason because let’s face it, every accountant offers that. We had to get it out of the way – now let’s focus on the tasty stuff. How are we going to help your business grow? What will we do to ensure your business is a consistently profitable, well-oiled money-making machine?

profit first cloud accountants

The answer: Profit First.

This game-changing methodology, the brainchild of Mike Michalowicz, has helped us transform our customers’ company finances, taking their financial performance to the next level and hardwiring consistent profitability.

To start with, you’ll receive a bespoke, one-to-one 90-minute consultation with one of Cloud’s highly trained accountancy experts, analysing seven essential metrics that will play an important part in driving improvements in your company’s financial performance. These encompass:

  • Revenue growth
  • Gross profit
  • Operating profit (EBITDA) %
  • Revenue per employe
  • Cash days
  • Core cash target
  • Business return

We’ll review the actions you’re currently taking against each key performance indicator and provide coherent guidance on how improvements can be made. Don’t worry, this isn’t a one-off either. As a bronze member, we’ll sit down for this 90-minute accountability session every six months, tailoring an appropriate action plan as a result.

Great, the foundation is set. We know what we want to impact, now how can Profit First drive the change we want?

Find out by becoming a valued member of our Profit First community. Learn from our accredited specialists on a bi-weekly Zoom, as they discuss best practice, key tips and essential activities required to drive your business forward. Don’t worry, we keep it interactive – there’s nothing worse than a monotone lecture. Share ideas with other members of the group, review case studies of where Profit First methodology has been successfully deployed and determine how you can achieve similar results for your business. It’s all about giving you the confidence and skill to gear yourself up for future success.

Need a bit of extra reading to reinforce everything you’re learning with the group? Receive the first five chapters of Mike Michalowicz’s superb Profit First book. In this time alone, you’ll understand why Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are negatively impacting your business, how Profit First works and the actions required to effectively execute Profit First day-in, day-out to achieve financial success.

Adding Value

Returning full circle, for Cloud it’s all about creating value for our customers. Sure, we could promote the Gold package and solely focus on that. Yet, do you need it? Would the cost-effective bronze package better serve the needs of your business? Okay, maybe the silver package might deliver faster results, but it’s about what works for you. One thing is for sure – our Profit First accredited experts will help transform your company into a consistently profitable business, enabling you to achieve your goals.

Interested in discussing how Cloud Accountant’s Profit First Bronze package can take your business to the next level? Discover more here and contact our experts today on 0113 323 1960 for a confidential discussion about how we can help!