Why do I need you to do Profit First?

There is no doubt that since its creation by Mike Michalowicz, Profit First has become a phenomenal success, playing an integral role in the success of companies around the world. The methodology, which is designed to help you build your business in a sustainable way for long-term profit and success, is an excellent way to help you achieve your financial ambitions. 

We know what you’re thinking. “Great, I can buy the book and crack on with making my business profitable myself. Why do I need you to do Profit First?”. Fair point, if you want to risk making slow progress or have your system fall over. Alternatively, you can work with our Profit First-accredited experts and quickly see the fruits of success. 

Why should you implement Profit First with Cloudaccountant.com?

We back ourselves to deliver success for our clients, helping them to achieve all of their financial goals and aspirations. There’s a number of reasons why:

We mitigate risk

Like absolutely anything in life, if Profit First isn’t implemented properly, you can spend time and resources that fail to deliver the return on investment you’re looking for. If you’re not on top of everything and know how to deliver every action correctly, you could either make slow, painful progress or risk the system going wrong entirely. In both situations, you’ll be leaving money on the table – that’s cash that is better served in your company’s pocket. 

It’s our mission to fix this for our clients, utilising our accredited expertise to execute every action to make your company more profitable.

We have a proven record of success

Cloudaccountant.com is proud to be one of the United Kingdom’s only Profit First certified accounting organisations. We’ve even been recommended by Mike Michalowicz himself, the legendary creator of this game-changing methodology. As a result, we’re well-equipped to provide you with the right level of guidance and support to achieve your goals.

Furthermore, we’re able to act as an effective accountability partner. Have you done the activities you needed to do this month to improve your profitability? Why not? Both parties will have actions that arise from our meetings and we can keep each other accountable every time.

We know what works – and what doesn’t

Getting the pace right is crucial. Our advice? Slow and steady is key. This is because those who have failed to implement Profit First themselves have often fallen down at the same hurdle. A common cause of failure is that entrepreneurs and business owners become wildly over-optimistic with Target Allocation Percentages (TAPs). We can guide you with this, setting the right expectations and executing the correct processes as and when they’ll be most effective for your business.

Let’s be honest. We all love a shortcut don’t we? If you can see there’s an opportunity to get from A to C by bypassing B, you’re going to do it. The problem is, it doesn’t really work like that with Profit First. Everything is logically and methodically done for a reason – all of which combine to make your company more profitable. Cloudaccountant.com’s certified experts can help you to stay disciplined, avoiding any shortcuts that could actually harm your business moving forward.

What we do

Cloudaccountant.com’s certified Profit First specialists will take you through our five-metric process, identifying actions needed to drive performance across five key areas – cash days, gross profit, operating profit, revenue and revenue per employee. Trust us, if we do three or four actions per quarter, that equates to 12-16 per annum. Each one is a substantial action that revs the speedometer, so 12-16 a year will result in more cash and – voila – more profit.

Still not sure?

Although our Gold, Silver and Bronze packages are absolutely awesome and incredible value for money, we recognise that some customers may still be a little hesitant to commit. Our incubator package is the solution for you. It’s a stepping stone between doing it alone and implementing Profit First as part of a supportive group. It gives you a taste of the expertise you’ll receive from Cloudaccountant.com’s experts and how it can help transform the financial future of your company. It’s perfect for those looking to explore and “try before they buy”.

Intent on going it alone?

No problem at all, we want you to be successful whether you’re a client of ours or not, because we believe in the good you do for the world as an entrepreneur. If you only do one thing, then open a profit account and put in 1% (if you can’t run your business on 99% of your income, you have bigger problems). Then increase the profit target allocation percentage by 1% each quarter. You’re welcome!

Whatever route you choose, we hope you achieve the financial goals you’re striving for. If you’re looking for a trusted, professional accounting partner who can implement Profit First to drive your financial performance, contact us today on 0113 323 1960 or Itjustclicks@cloudaccountant.com to discuss how our experts can help you!