The Ultimate Budgeting Template For Training Providers

Ah, budgeting. The bane of everybody’s life, unless you’re a Premier League footballer drawing in a cool £250,000 a week. For those of us who live in the real world, it’s a crucial way of managing your finances and analysing what areas of your business – and your life – are soaking up your hard-earned cash. When done correctly, it can be an invaluable tool and one our accounting experts at Cloud highly recommend.

Cloud works with a diverse portfolio of clients across the United Kingdom, including some of the leading training providers in the country.  We’ve designed the ultimate budgeting template for training providers; a bespoke spreadsheet exclusively for those with learners on government-funded programmes.

Why should I budget?

First though, why should you budget? Well, is your business spending more than it makes? Then it won’t be hard to identify that cash reserves are slowly diminishing or, perhaps more alarmingly, your debts are increasing. Overspending is something we’ve all been guilty of at some point or another, but it’s important to get on top of it, quickly identifying the size and scale of any problem. 

Ultimately, failure to budget effectively can lead to spiralling debt and severe problems. That’s why planning out your company’s budget can provide a clear assessment of your finances, including what you can and can’t spend.

How do I budget?

Once you’ve identified what you’re spending and where, you can begin to prioritise what you do with your money. Can you cut the cost of travelling to client sites by using Zoom for online training delivery rather than regularly trekking across the country? There’s always areas you can reduce – and in some places completely cut – costs in order to stick within your means. The difficult part, however, is having the willpower to keep to it.

The Cloud Budget Template

Built to accurately profile learner starts and completions in a dedicated tab, the Cloud budget template is designed to tailor course programme lengths and on-programme payments to reflect your precise programmes of learning. This allows you to plan staffing resources on a monthly basis. Don’t worry, it gives you detailed instructions to follow step-by-step.


Our experts have built this budget template to give you an accurate picture of your sales month-by-month. It will also enable you to benchmark actual against budget, allowing you to identify any areas of performance in need of attention. In addition, you can use this budget template as part of your business planning to set out your business aims for the year. 

Are you looking for investment in your business? It’s great to use for raising finance when lenders require detailed forecasts. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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