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the best uk bank account for profit first

The best UK bank accounts for Profit First

To maximise the return from Profit First, it’s generally required to set up a number of different bank accounts in order to allocate the cash received. This can present a challenge owing to the monthly fee most UK banks charge for using their accounts. One of the principles of Profit First is frugality, so if a bank charges £5/ month and you have 5 accounts, that’s a bill of £300 a year. Definitely something we’d rather avoid.

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Why the government’s Coronavirus help, could be killing your training company

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, governments across the world have provided private companies with various levels of support, and the UK government has been no different.  This support has been widely welcomed and is the difference between life and death for many companies.  However there are hidden issues, some peculiar to the training industry, which mean these support schemes come with a health warning.

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