Why Cloud Accountant

You’re in business to create value.  Value for you and for your clients.  As your business grows its finance function needs change.   Cloud Accountant was built from the ground up, to support businesses like yours.  We bring accounting expertise (big wow…), cutting edge technology (OK, tell me more), insightful reports (sounds great!) and profit generating habits (now we’re talking…) to help build that value.

Our mission

To help our clients realise their business vision, bringing joy to their lives.

Our values

We are a team of enthusiastic, patient and cooperative professionals who understand the value of good communication and collaboration.


We are committed to the needs and values of our clients, educating and empowering them to be successful, confident and satisfied.


We are a friendly helpful caring team who are dedicated to getting the best results for our clients.


We pride ourselves on our honesty, loyalty and reliability at to ensure our clients trust us to help deliver their vision.


Using our skills and knowledge we ensure that every task is always carried out efficiently to ensure an accurate end result.


We take a flexible and adaptable approach to our work, which allows us to think clearly and stay calm, focused and happy.

Our team, is now your team
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