Cloud Accountant Method

In order for us to start adding value to your business, we have to get to know you first.  We’ll have started this process as we assess whether we’re a suitable fit for your business before we accept an engagement.  This is then developed further as part of the on-boarding process, setting up the software and importing opening balances, and establishing the routine for how we’ll liaise with you and your team.  This builds a solid foundation for us to embark on a long term, value adding relationship.

Financial snapshot

It’s important to establish the business’s financial position as at today.  Once we have that picture (breathe…) we can start to build.  Only now, can we understand the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.  From this, we develop and nurture the finance eco-system for you to build a scalable and profitable business.  This is based on selecting one of the three options below, Foundations, Growth, or Profit First.

Systemisation, & basic reporting.

A stool can only do it’s job with at least three legs, just like your finance function:

  • Technology – Xero/ Receipt Bank.  We set it all up, and provide support for your team to get the most out of it.
  • Process – Who’s doing what, and when.  Both within your business and here at Cloud Accountant.
  • Expertise – our team create magic from the tech and process by delivering a financial report directly from Xero.  We can then Zoom meet to explore and ensure you get maximum value from the report, to implement actionable changes in your business.
As Foundations, with forecasting too, & more powerful reporting.

We take those Xero reports and add reporting magic in the form of Futrli. No need for you to learn new software, you’ll just receive beautifully presented reports which enhance understand of your business. We’re now adding a forecast to the report, so you can compare actual to forecast and analyse variances. We can also analyse actual to the same month last year, last month Vs your 12 month rolling average etc, etc. This is shining a light into the business, enabling you to:

  • Hold your team accountable,
  • Maximise their productivity, and
  • Take decisions quickly after the month-end using reliable information to grow your business.
Profit First
As Foundations & Growth, now with profitability rocket boosters.

Our Profit First methodology is designed to hardwire profit into your business. Starting today. It’s a cash management system that enhances frugality and innovation. The result? Enhanced profits, happier shareholders, and more joy.

It’s a system which requires addition level of input from you, and we’re going to make you tackle some moderately difficult things now and again. Suitability for step 3 requires an initial assessment. It’s an hour of your time which will be well invested, as if we both decide it’s the right programme for you, the payback will be more than you dared hope possible.

Profit First was designed by Mike Michalowicz, a US entrepreneur and author. It empowers entrepreneurs to ensure profitability is a habit, not just an occasional event. The result? Predictable cashflow for both the business and shareholders. No more struggling to pay the tax man, and no more paying yourself last. Instead, we’ll have designed in processes and habits to continually build value.

We are proud to be a Profit First Professional firm, one of only a handful in the UK.