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Banking, invoicing, accounting and reporting made easy

Designed to save you time and give you full, instant visibility of how your business is doing, our cloud accountancy platform is perfect for small and medium sized businesses alike – and is designed to add even more value to the service our real accountants provide.

Quick, secure and easy to use, our cloud software allows you to:

  • Spend more time on making your business a success
  • Keep things organised, online, in one place.
  • Create professional invoices for all customers
  • See your balance sheet at the click of a mouse
  • View profit and loss at-a-glance whenever you need to
  • Keep a complete audit trail and find any transaction in seconds
  • See who processed what, and when, to monitor efficiency

Why automate your accounting process?

  • Save time by reducing manual data entry
  • Instantly provide us with accurate and secure data on a daily basis
  • Allow us to produce timely financial reports for you
  • Reduce the stress of answering queries from accountants or searching for receipts and bank statements

Cutting costs…not corners

We believe our accountants are the best in the business, so we’ve invested in web software that does them justice. We know that settling for cheap, less intuitive financing tools would lead to problems down the line, so we’ve made sure everything is in place to make the Cloudaccountant.com solution as robust, reliable and responsive as you need it to be.

We’ve trusted Clearbooks, Xero and Bankstream to make our own lives easier for years, so we can personally vouch for how simple they are to use and how secure they are in terms of keeping the sensitive financial data that makes us tick under lock and key.

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Once we have access to your information in the cloud, we can then take care of the more complex tasks for you remotely, and offer you first class advice as and when you need it by phone, email or in person
Heath Jones


Just log on and access everything you need to raise PO’s, view I&E snapshots and monitor P&L… at the click of a mouse.

  • Clear and concise
  • Secure encryption
  • UK-based
  • ICAEW accredited
  • Tailored invoice generation
  • Tables & reports for export
  • Integrated payroll
  • Purchase order / project management system

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Link your bank account to your accountant – data is sent to us automatically and  securely meaning no number crunching for you.

  • Your bank or financial institution record your transactions as usual
  • They send Bankstream a secure record of your transactions
  • Bankstream collect your data and send us a secure electronic copy
  • Our Bankstream software automatically codes the majority of your transactions
  • If we require any more information, just use Bankstream software to provide it

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