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Simple software + expert support = an accountancy service like no other

Relax. Whether you’re a small business, a growing one or a large and established organisation, we’re here to take care of all things taxing. With our solution, you can simply log what you earn and spend, let us do the adding up and rounding down, and take away all the information you need at the end of the month, quarter or financial year...And what’s more, we’ll proactively deliver regular information and insight that will help you to run your business more efficiently, pay less tax and retain more profits.

Cloud Accountant Software

What you do:

Post supplier and sales invoices into your account on our software.

Input monthly payroll details into your account on our software.

Manage bank payments and receipts directly with your bank.  (We’ll have visibility on your bank activity, but we don’t make payments – you remain in control.

What we do:

Reconcile your bank account, by downloading bank activity into the software through our secure banking portal.  Click here for more information

Produce detailed monthly management accounts, and email them direct to you.

Process quarterly VAT returns, and tell you what to pay, when to pay it, and how to pay it.

Process monthly payroll and tell you what to pay and when to pay it.

Calculate corporation tax using our expertise to minimise the bill, file the return and tell you how much to pay and when.

Manage all correspondence with HMRC and Companies House.

Produce year end statutory accounts to be filed at Companies House.

And of course we’re available should you need help – no ‘reasonable use’ clause, no limits on communication, no additional bills from ‘time on the clock’,  we’d love to hear from you.  Email, phone, Skype, or pop in to see us.  Click here to get in touch

Your whole financial year is taken care of in one simple monthly fee

Real accountants…making a real difference to your business

Whilst Cloudaccountant.com is a web-based service, there's nothing virtual about our solution. Using Cloudaccontant.com will indeed rid you of the need to hike to the high street with shoeboxes full of receipts, but our experts are always here for you if you do want to chat face-to-face. Just drop us a line and we’ll put the kettle on – or get in touch any way you like for advice.

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