Why Cloudaccountant.com is right for...

Hi, I'm Jenny


Graphic Designer
Sole Trader : turnover £20k - £50k

Jenny is a highly educated professional and has a young family. Having been through redundancy she has set up her own micro-business. The business is largely a lifestyle business with a couple of clients, but she wants to keep her hand in professionally whilst earning a decent income and being able to pick the kids up from school.

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Hi, I'm Sean


IT Contractor
Freelance : turnover £50k - £150k

Sean is tech savvy, lives in a fast paced world and tends to be an early adopter of new technologies. However he is not an accountancy expert and doesn’t spend much time thinking about figures and finance. He likes the idea of online accountancy software and finds it easy to navigate his way around.

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Hi, I'm Robert


Contracter : turnover £50k - £150k

Robert is a tradesman and proud of what he does. He doesn’t use technology much in his day to day work, however in the evening he has moved to emailing quotes and invoices and uses the internet extensively in a social and family capacity. At the moment he either uses a family friend to help with the book-keeping or goes to a local high-street accountancy firm.

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Hi, I'm Baljit


Recruitment Consultancy MD with 4 staff
Small Business : turnover £150k - £350k

Baljit is the MD of a regional and specialist recruitment consultancy. She has three additional staff. She is extremely hands-on with the business and spends as much time on the phone with clients as her other staff. This doesn’t leave a great deal of time left for other business related duties and therefore these often get completed on a needs-must basis and often in the evening or at weekends.

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Hi, I'm Hannah


Market Research Business owner with 15 staff
Small Business : turnover of £750k- £1.5m

Hannah is the owner of a growing market research business that has now been going for over 6 years. She has an office manager who also does some basic book-keeping, however she still has the need to pay for an accountant to provide the necessary services to stay compliant and deal with the more complex tasks such as payroll and tax returns.

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Hi, I'm Stephen


Architects Practice owner with 26 staff
Medium Sized Business : turnover of £3m- £4m

Stephen is a major shareholder in a well-established architects practice. He has an established relationship with his accountants but it not convinced they’re offering good enough customer service and value. His business has a small finance department with a qualified finance manager and admin staff. He has the need for a broad finance package including not only a suite of management reports but also project management.

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