Acacia Training Ltd

Large training provider based in Stoke on Trent, with 60 staff.

Acacia Training had an on-site accounts team using Sage, with part time support provided by external accountants who would visit the premises weekly. However the management reporting was less than satisfactory meaning the directors didn’t have sufficient insight into where the company was headed.

Having appointed Cloud Accountant, we transferred all their data to our platform and provided training for all staff who were using the system.  We were then able to provide support remotely to the accounts team both on the software and on any technical accounting issues.  Finally, we implemented a revised reporting pack using the monthly actual data and complementing it with a forecast to the year end to give the directors visibility on annual performance.   This powerful tool has enabled the company to make business critical decisions confidently based on timely insight from the financial accounts.

There was also another bonus.  The company’s growth necessitated additional office space to accommodate more learners.  They were able to relocate the accounts team to work from home freeing up the former accounts office.  The accounts team still get the same high quality support from Cloud Accountant and greatly enjoy the working hours flexibility the company has given them.  Vikki Sylvester, MD of Acacia Training says:

Moving to Cloud Accountant has been one of the best decisions we have made. The online platform has meant that information is quicker, readily available and the format is very straightforward making it easier for different Managers to be able to use the reports more effectively to make informed decisions. We have used the space once utilised by the finance team and have built a new training room which is bringing revenue into the business. In addition, it has allowed the business to offer more flexible working hours to the team, allowing them to be able to improve their work life balance. The support provided has been fantastic and the Cloud Accountant team are always on hand to help and advise.